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We love our cats! They make us smile, add comfort, and bring companionship. In fact, just spend a bit of time in a home with several cats and you will discover that every cat has its own distinct personality. But what causes these unique personality traits? Are they born with them or are they a […]

A Little About Me!

March 24th, 2016

TOMBOY A LITTLE GRAY STRAY When I was seven or eight years old, a long-haired gray cat walked into our garage and decided to become part of our family. We called him Tomboy. Tomboy was an independent cat and would come and go as he pleased. Sometimes he would disappear and then show up again […]

Just because your cat is perfectly comfortable living outside, it doesn’t mean that a little extra TLC during the winter is not needed. After all, it can get quite cold out there and having a welcoming place to keep warm is important. Yes, they may live outside all year round, but when winter temps drop […]