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If you have a cat, then chances are, you have learned a great deal of things about their world. You have likely adapted to doing things that makes them happy – be it the type of food you buy, the type of food they enjoy, and an assortment of other aspects that make both you […]

Summertime Cat Care

May 21st, 2017

Summer time is rapidly approaching. In fact, while the calendar may not say the hottest season of the year has arrived, for those of us who live in the South, hotter temperatures have already made their appearance. And, while many people may look forward to warmer weather and fun in the sun, it is important […]

For many families having a pet is a foregone conclusion. They envision days of romping outside playing fetch or playing tug a war with a ball of yarn, not having to be concerned about their pet’s balance or health issues. Why? Because not every family is equipped to take in a pet that has special […]