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If you are a pet owner, then it is likely you have been told to keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date. However, in recent years, there has been much discussion about just how safe this is. This is not to say that pets should never be vaccinated, but rather poses the question, “Is it […]

Why Should You Hire Pet Sitter?

January 17th, 2018

Why Hire a Pet Sitter? If you have never used a pet sitter, then now is the time to treat yourself and your pet to the benefits of working with pet sitter. After all, having a pet sitter is significantly better than putting them in a kennel or boarding home. Curious about the benefits for […]

As a pet owner, sometimes decisions have to be made that you may not want to face. These may be regarding types of medical treatment, whether to bring your pet along on your vacation, or perhaps whether or not to spay/neuter your pet. While for some pet owners, the decision to fix their pet may […]