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Benefits of Adopting a Special Needs Feline

Posted February 8th, 2017 by admin

For many families having a pet is a foregone conclusion. They envision days of romping outside playing fetch or playing tug a war with a ball of yarn, not having to be concerned about their pet’s balance or health issues. Why? Because not every family is equipped to take in a pet that has special needs. In fact, a PetFinder poll found that special needs pets came in third in the list of top pets hardest to place in a home (numbers one and two are senior pets, and pit-bull type dogs). But that does not negate the many benefits of having a pet who has been traumatized, injured or affected by disease. It is these pets that often make the best furry family members.

Before deciding that a special needs pet is not for you, it is important to first understand that in the pet world, special needs has a much broader meaning. For pets, special needs include both physical and mental disabilities, as well as chronic illness (diabetes, hip dysplasia), emotional distress such as PTSD, as well as amputees, the deaf and the blind. Again, these are merely factors that add to the animal’s uniqueness and do not have to be deterrents to adopting them.

4 Reasons to Adopt a Special Needs Pet

• Expand your world view. Adopting a special needs pet is not about taking them in out of pity because typically, these animals are extremely resilient and have learned to adapt to their circumstances. By adopting a special needs pet, you and your family will learn more about facing and overcoming challenges.
• Learn something new. When you adopt a pet with special needs you will find yourself learning more about their problem and how to make life richer for them. Also, in learning more about your pet’s needs you will be able to help other pet owners with caring for their special pet.
• You will help transform a life. Pets who are deaf can often be taught how to interact with you by using ASL. Other pet owners are able to teach their pets using body language or visual cues. Regardless of how you interact with your pet, you can know that their life is better because of you.
• Connect with others. Many times, special needs pets are able to help and encourage people who have suffered loss. There are countless stories of animals with special needs who have touched the lives of people who have suffered loss, needed an amputation, and many other traumatic experiences. In these cases, the pets often bring inspiration and determination to someone who might otherwise have given up.

Adopting a special needs pet is not for everyone, But, for those families who take in a pet who requires some extra TLC there are many rewards. If you have questions about taking in special needs pets, then talk to one of our team members today. With our vast experience, we will be glad to help you decide if a special needs pets is right for you.

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