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Have you ever wondered why a cat that seems perfectly tame during the day can be such a different animal when the lights go out? Maybe, you have questioned how is it that the quiet, sweet, yet playful cat you love seems to have a split personality, and its only manifestation is seen as you leave your bedroom each morning. If these questions or versions of them have ever crossed your mind, then the good news is that you are not alone. However, the better news is there are some perfectly logical reasons for why your cat goes from charming to crazy when the lights go down.

Reasons Why You Cat Seems to Become a Different Creature at Night

First and foremost, remember that a cat’s ancestor is the African wildcat. These animals are typically nocturnal, which is the easy answer. However, most domesticated cats will adapt to “our” schedule, but don’t expect them to sleep through the night, as most cats will wake up to roam at twice each night.

If your cat seems to just wander aimlessly, consider taking them to the vet to rule out any medical conditions that may be present. This combined with excessively meowing during the day may be why your cat is not sleeping.

4 Tips for Making Sleeping with a Cat in the House Easier

  • Make it a point to play with your cat in the evening hours. Use toys that mimic the movement of birds or mice, toss, or roll soft balls for them to chase, get some string or a laser pointer, and get them to chase it – just do something that will help your cat get out some stored energy.
  • Give your cat a meal just before you retire for the night. Like us, cats will often sleep after a big meal. If your cat tends to wake you during the night for food, consider getting a food dispenser with a timer. Your cat will eventually learn to wait by the dispenser for food rather than waking you up.
  • If your cat is a social butterfly, consider getting a second cat to help entertain him or her during the day. After all, if they are busier during the day, they will be more likely to sleep at night.
  • Close your bedroom door when you go to bed. If your cat cries or scratches at the door, you can place something such as a vinyl carpet runner placed upside down to expose the sticky parts, double sided tape or even aluminum foil to make your door less appealing to your cat.

Having a cat is a lot fun. Yes, it can be a bit crazy, but once you begin to understand your cat, then you everything will only get better. If you have questions about cat care, keeping your cat entertained, or perhaps need someone to take care of your cat(s) for a few days, we are here to help. Give us a call today.

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