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Posts tagged ‘animal’

Have you ever made a road trip with your feline family member? Did it go smoothly? For many cat owners the answer to the first question is, ”No”, but if it is “yes” then there is a good chance the answer to the second is a resounding, “NO”. Although the most commonly traveled with pet […]

There are many people who feel that because an animal has a fur coat, they are perfectly suited to be outside during the winter. However, this is not the case; for animals who are accustomed to being indoors, wintertime can be a difficult time of year to decide to “teach Fido about outdoor fun.” In […]

When you are a pet owner, your pet is part of the family. You make it a point to see to it that Sassy or Spot has food and water, a place to play, a comfortable place to sleep, and a myriad of other creature comforts all designed to add to your pet’s quality of […]