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Cat Sitter Q/A…Meet Jessica

October 15th, 2013

Recently, Jessica Perry, who is a friend of Seep Easzz, completed a training course from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters for Feline Behavioral Issues. Curious to share with our readers more about the world of a pet sitter, we asked for an informal interview. We also want to say CONGRATULATIONS Jessica for all […]

Your cat is a special member of your family. He or she keeps you company on long nights, entertain you with his antics, helps you relax as you comb her, and can even be a great deterrent to unwanted pests such as mice. Because of these characteristics, and others, you want to take good care […]

While the warmer months, known for bringing an onslaught of flea and tick problems, are nearly over, it is still important to protect your pets from pests. After all, being a pet owner comes with a responsibility to keep your dogs, cats and furry or feathered friends healthy and happy. With that in mind, we […]