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Once you have talked to several vets and have narrowed down the list to the ones you feel comfortable with (at least as much as you can without an actual visit) you will need to set up appointments-if you have not already. There are many elements that can affect your, and perhaps your pet’s, opinion […]

If you are an animal lover, chances are, you own a few pets and have spent some time at the veterinarian’s office. However, if you are new to pet ownership, you will want to take some time to locate a vet. Other reasons for finding a new vet may be a recent move to a […]

You love your pet and you want them to be healthy and happy. So, you buy the best food available, make sure that they get regular checkups, walk them and spend time playing with and grooming them to keep them happy. But what if you could help them be even healthier simply by taking vitamins? […]