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8 Tips for Moving with Pets

Posted July 18th, 2018 by daniel

For many people, just the thought of moving is enough to stress them out. But if you are moving and have pets, then that move can often become even more challenging. After all, when moving with children, you can sit down and tell them what’s going on and they can be prepared and even help out. Your pets, on the other hand, may only sense that things are about to change, but they have no way of truly knowing what is going on – until you move and they find themselves in a new place.

So, when moving with pets it is important that you do as much as you can to make the move smooth and simple. Here are 8 actions you can take to make your next move easier for you and your furry family member(s).

  1. Prepare them – Animals are observant and notice changes. Consider leaving out their pet carrier, some moving boxes, a suitcase and even some non-harmful packing supplies for a few days before you begin packing. This can help your pet get acclimated to seeing those items and not be frightened of the later.
  2. Pack a “go bag/box” – This should contain all of your pet’s favorite things – blanket, toy, grooming items, litter box and litter – whatever items are ‘must haves’ in order to be comfortable and be sure that it is readily accessible when you reach your new home.
  3. Talk to your vet – If you are relocating out of the area and will be needing a new vet, talk to your current one to find out if they have recommendations or insight on vets in your new location.
  4. Keep them safe – Moving day can be chaotic. Consider kenneling your pet, or having them stay with someone else on this busy day. If that is not possible, have a placed that is safe for them – the garage, the backyard (if fenced in), etc. -where you don’t have to be concerned about them being tripped over, or getting in the way of the moving team.
  5. Ride along – Don’t have them ride in a moving vehicle, rather, let them ride with you – ideally in a pet carrier so they can be safe.
  6. Wait – Upon reaching your new place don’t immediately let them out to roam. Keep them in a carrier or a place where they can’t be hurt or wander away. For cat owners who have always kept the cat outside, a move is a great way to acquaint your cat with going from being an outdoor cat to an inside one.
  7. Updated info – If your pet has a microchip or collar with your address on it, be sure to update the info to match your new residence.
  8. Check the neighborhood – Before the move, be sure you learn about any local rules or regulations for pets – especially if you are moving to a totally different environment (i.e. an apartment to an HOA). Also, if the move is local, take your pet over a few times before the move to walk to neighborhood. This will help them be less nervous and help the people in the neighborhood get to know you and your pet.
  9. Meals – Many pets can get nervous with a move, consider feeding them a lighter meal that day so their stomachs won’t be as easily upset.

Moving with your pets doesn’t have to be stressful. Just take your time and plan ahead. The team at Sleep Easzz is here to help and would love to help make your next move with pets the best one ever. Give us a call to learn more about life with pets.

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