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Why Should You Hire Pet Sitter?

Posted January 17th, 2018 by admin

Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

If you have never used a pet sitter, then now is the time to treat yourself and your pet to the benefits of working with pet sitter. After all, having a pet sitter is significantly better than putting them in a kennel or boarding home. Curious about the benefits for you and your pets? Consider these:
• No trauma due to travel or a strange environment
• Being around familiar sights, smells, and sounds
• Not being exposed to other animals or illnesses
• Having their own routine and standard times for meals
• Able to have someone on hand in the event of a medical emergency or to administer medicine as needed.
• Having someone around to play with your pet and see that they get enough exercise
• Professional sitters provide one on one care for pet

For the Pet Parent
• Not all pet sitters are created equal; when you chose a pet-sitter be sure you select one that makes you and your pet feel comfortable.
• Your home will be more secure because there are people in and out of it, thus showing signs of life.
• You can be sure that your pet will be well groomed while you are gone.
• Not needing to ask friends, family or neighbors to come over and take care of your pet(s).
How to Choose a Pet Sitter

When you decide to hire a pet sitter, take a few minutes to ask a few questions. These questions should be –

• Do they have written proof of their qualifications?
• Will they take notes about your pet’s behavior and eating habits while you are gone?
• Is it clearly stated what is expected of the sitter?
• Has the pet sitter taken classes to ensure they know about pets and their needs?
• Will the sitter provide you with phone numbers of other clients who have agreed to serve as references?

These are important questions to ask of a potential sitter. The team here at Sleep Eaz is happy to answer these, and any other questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Having a pet sitter is a great way to enjoy the holiday season without having to be worried about taking care of your pets. You can know they are well taken care of and that they are in good hands, so that you can enjoy the season to its fullest. Our team is here for you and would love to help care for your pets. Give us a call today to schedule your pet sitting needs.

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