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For many people, having a pet is an important part of life. However, many people who would love to adopt a fur baby but due to their allergies just the thought of having a pet -especially an indoor one- is enough to evoke a series of sneezes and watering eyes. Of course, there are other […]

Have you ever heard of taking one’s cat to have acupuncture? What about chiropractic manipulation for treating a cat struggling with arthritis? If these questions made you pause, then perhaps you have not given much thought to a holistic approach to pet care. But, believe it or not, pet acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation and other Eastern […]

Pet allergies are relatively common. In fact, nearly 50 million Americans have some form of pet allergy. However, what is more interesting is that many of these same people are still able to have pets. (See the story of Ashes) So, just because you have pet allergies does not mean you cannot have a pet. […]