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What you Need to Know about Adopting a Cat

Posted January 19th, 2021 by daniel

If you have been thinking about adopting a cat, then being sure your home is ready for a new fur baby is a must. Whether it is your first cat adoption or your fifth, you must be prepared for your new addition to your home.  After all, no two cats are the exactly same and it is important to prepare for and learn what you can about your new fur baby before they become a part of your household.

Cat Adoption: What You Should Ask

Depending on whether you pursue your cat adoption through a pet fostering service or a rescue organization, it is helpful to talk to the current caregivers to learn a bit about your soon to be your cat. As part of the conversation(s) you should have, there are several questions and bits of information you will need to make your cat adoption go smoothly.

Here some things to inquire about when adopting a cat:

  • Food Faves- Does the cat you are adopting have a specific type of food? Be sure to find out if your new fur baby prefers a specific type of food. It may be that the current caregivers have only fed the cat dry food, or just wet, or a mixture of both. Knowing what the cat is accustomed to so you can do the same will make transiting easier.
  • Litter Boxes – Not every cat wants an enclosed space to do their business, nor do all cats want an open-air liter pan. Find out what they are familiar with and set up your space for that. If you already have a cat, then you need to get a second litter box as not all cats are happy about sharing their space. Even better, a good rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra.
  • Social interaction(s) – Do you have children? What about other pets/cats? If so, then you will want to find out how the cat behaves with social interaction. Not every cat wants to be a part of a crowd or is inclined to young children. Talking to the current caregiver can help. Of course, some cats will surprise you and have a totally different personality when introduced to a new scenario.
  • Personality – Every cat has a personality of its own. Finding out- in advance- that the cat you are planning to adopt meows a lot or is timid, is super curious or any other character trait will help.
  • Health – If you are doing a cat adoption from a shelter, chances are that your cat has already been spayed or neutered. However, be sure to ask about any other medical/health concerns or procedures that comprise the cat’s health journey. Then, be sure to pass this info on to your vet.

Cat adoption is a great way to make your home a happier place to be while providing a much-needed home to a fun-loving fur ball. And, when you take time to learn about your new cat before bringing him or her home you can be sure to make it a smooth transition for everyone involved.



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