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Allergy Proofing: 12 Tips for the Pet Lover

Posted July 21st, 2020 by daniel

For many people, having a pet is an important part of life. However, many people who would love to adopt a fur baby but due to their allergies just the thought of having a pet -especially an indoor one- is enough to evoke a series of sneezes and watering eyes.

Of course, there are other pet owners who have allergies but have found ways to live with their pets and without dealing with itchy eyes and frequent sneezing. So, what are their allergy proofing tricks for living with pets? Here are some tips that have proven effective for many allergy-ridden pet lovers.

Tips for Allergy Proofing

  • Clean often – Ideally using all-natural products as much as possible After all, you want to protect yourself but don’t want your pets to lick up or breathe in any harsh or harmful cleaners!
  • Wipe off- Take time to wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth weekly. Just a simple microfiber cloth will do the trick.
  • De-clutter – Having a lot of stuff- boxes, stacks of books, shelving, etc. are all great places for pet dander to accumulate. Minimizing the number of surfaces means fewer places for dander to pile up.
  • No hiding- Get rid of under the bed storage containers. These collect dust and allergens only making it more difficult for you to breathe.
  • Fabrics- items such as area rugs, carpets, upholstery and heavy drapes are the perfect materials for holding on to allergens of every type. This doesn’t mean you can’t have soft items and fabrics, it just means you want to choose with care and not have an abundance of them!
  • Plants- Invest in some house plants. They will serve as great air filters, plus they look good in nearly any space.
  • Flooring – Consider hardwoods rather than carpet as they are more easily cleaned and accumulate fewer allergens.
  • Ventilation – This is especially important in areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms; however, having adequate ventilation throughout your how will help keep the air cleaner and reduce allergy issues.
  • Purifiers – These are wonderful weather you have a pet allergy or not! Consider investing in in-room purifiers for any space where you will have your pets.
  • Filters – If you are able, change out the air filters of your home’s HVAC system at least once a month to prevent them from being collecting and releasing pet dander into your home.
  • Air it out! – When it is possible, open the windows of your home and let in some fresh air. Of course, this is only effective if you aren’t allergic to pollen!
  • Bathe – Take time to wash your pet weekly to reduce the amount of allergy-causing dander they shed.

These allergy proofing tips have proven to be effective for many animal lovers. No, they might not make your allergies disappear, but they can help you enjoy your pets without a constant routine of sneezing, scratchy throat and itchy eyes. So, if you love the fur babies but have found ways to make having your furry friends around you, we would love to hear what tips you have for minimizing pet-related allergies.



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