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Annual K-9-3k DOG WALK

Posted April 13th, 2010 by admin

COME JOIN THE SPCA at there Annual K-9-3k DOG WALK on Saturday April 17th from 10AM to 2PM.  This event will be held at Moore Square in downtown Raleigh.  All venders, walkers and there Canines are to arrive for registration and set up at 8AM to 10:45 AM.  The walk will cover 1.8 miles of downtown Raleigh and will begin at 9AM.  The SPCA estimates that 2200 to 2300 participants will attend this year’s fun filled event.  We highly recommend this activity for all dog lovers and supporters of the SPCA.  After the walk there is time to check out all the venders and stay for the contests and live music by the 80s cover band Suicide Blonde from 11:45 to 2:00PM.

For more information  CONTACT:  PAUL WHITE AT 919.532.208.

You can also donate over the phone: call Ralf Hollander at 919.532.2083…your participation can help save the lives of thousands of animals! Fees: Dog Walk Participant $35.00; Virtual Walker $35.00 and a Junior Walker $25.00; 7 and under are free.

The SPCA encourages each participant to set there own personal found raising goals but the recommended goal is $250.00.  If you are handicapped or for any reason can not attend you can still join in by doing a virtual walk for the homeless animals in the area.  You can invite friends, family and even business associates to participate.  This is a fun experience for you to share with others.  If you are a junior walker you will have fun creating you’re SPCA web page to share with others.  This is to be a family affair and promises to be a dogs delight!

At 10 AM  the fun begins, your dog can be microchipped for only $25.00, and he may have a hard time resisting the steak walk and you may have a hard time trying to decide what snack to buy from one of the many vendors…the dog may even get a special treat for being a good dog and walking with you.

At 11 AM participants will gather for the long awaited walk winding through downtown Raleigh.

At 11:15 AM the one half k SENIOR WALK begins at the west side of the park and will go around Moore Square Park counterclockwise.

12 noon to 12:25 is what your canine has been waiting for…the dog contests!  You will not be disappointed with all the music and food being offered at one of the SPCA vender stations.

PARKING should not be a problem since it is free but you still may want to head out a little early to be assured of finding a spot.  You can use Wilmington Street Station Deck, You enter this parking deck off Blount street across from explores / Marbles, or you can use Moore Square Parking Deck… the entrance is off Wilmington Street which is between Martin and Harget…  again this is a must experience for adults kids and there dogs…see you there.

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