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More tips for Moving with Pets

November 20th, 2019

Change. It’s a part of life and as adults, we may not like it, but we understand it happens. One of those changes is often moving from one neighborhood or city to another. This can make for a stressful time – but at least we understand what is going on.  Our pets? Not so much. […]

Spend any amount of time with a cat and you will note that they love to chase after and swat at things. Be it a ball of yarn, the light emitted from a laser pointer, or a moth cats have an instinct for chasing after prey. This instinct can serve them well, but it can […]

While there are many things in life that we benefit from by “getting new”, adding a new furry family member isn’t necessarily one of them. Sure, you can work with a cat breeder and get a specific type of kitten that has a good chance of meeting all your specifications – but is that really […]