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More tips for Moving with Pets

Posted November 20th, 2019 by daniel

Change. It’s a part of life and as adults, we may not like it, but we understand it happens. One of those changes is often moving from one neighborhood or city to another. This can make for a stressful time – but at least we understand what is going on.  Our pets? Not so much. Sure, they may sense that change is in the air, but they are unable to comprehend what is happening around them. Consequently, the changes associated with moving can be quite unsettling for your pets.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help make your next move easier for your pets. Most of these actions for moving with pets are simple and require minimal effort on your part but are calming for your pets, so that means no extra work for you – a definite win-win!

Tips for Moving with Your Pets

  1. Keep your existing routine normal for as long as possible. From walk times to playing or just chilling out, pets need stability. This will help them be calmer as the changes around them begin.
  2. Several weeks before Moving Day, take out their crate. Most animals- especially those not used to being crated- can be intimidated by the crate. To make the crate inviting, set some toys, perhaps a favorite blanket and food bowls inside the crate. Then slowly make ‘crate time’ a part of the play. Try to get them to spend time in the crate without raising objects. Start slowly, with a goal of 15 minutes and then increase as necessary. (Lengthening the amount of time crated is especially helpful if your relocating involves more than a new home on the other side of town.)
  3. Take your time with packing. Start as early as possible and do a bit each day. This will allow your pet to get used to seeing boxes before the big day.
  4. If at all possible, try to bring your pet to their new home before the actual move-in date. This allows them to become familiar with the space.
  5. Consider having a room or quiet space where your pet can hang out on moving day. This will keep them from scurrying about underfoot. If having a hangout space for your pet is not possible, consider hiring a pet sitter.
  6. If moving a significant distance, be sure to have their snacks and any comfort items easily within reach. You might also want to talk to your vet about sedating them or prescribing motion sickness medicine.
  7. Load your pets in last. Then, when you arrive at your new home, be sure they are allowed out a.s.a.p. – ideally first. Then take a few minutes with them to allow them to stretch and even explore the yard or neighborhood. Yes, there are boxes to unload and things to do, but helping your pets feel comfortable will benefit everyone – not to mention, you might find it helpful to stretch a bit, too!


Moving with your pets doesn’t have to be stressful for you or them. Just take time to help them feel comfortable and settled and there can be a relatively smooth transition. Then, get ready to enjoy your new place.

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