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Posted April 20th, 2015 by admin

Marley was a blessing.unnamed (2)

On February 24th Marley celebrated her 24th Birthday. She was a very special feline who exhibited repeated determination at overcoming obstacles that were put in her path for 24 years. She was our little ,black, pregnant, stray cat screaming her heart out for somebody to just give her a nice warm place to sleep. Little did we know, she came with four more tucked quietly inside her little frame.

As time went on Marley became a special addition to our pet family. She lived through two generations of siblings and all four of her kittens, Gissey, Shadow, Sadie and Crybaby, as well as all our other kitties.unnamed (1)

Marley never lost her curiosity. On her last day in her last minutes, she explored the sun porch she loved so much. I was amazed how she looked out of the windows even though she was almost totally blind… as if to record forever in her memory the beauty of nature. Her eyesight was fading. During her last couple of weeks, she adjusted by holding her nose very close to the floor to guide her every step.

I was amazed at how as she became weaker with age, she would somehow climb up the pet stairs and snuggle between us on the bed. A couple of times she fell off, so I racked the bed to keep her safe. But what really amazed me most, was when she fell off she would pick herself up, brush herself off and walk away. Nothing ever stopped her.unnamed

Her veterinarians could not believe Marley’s inner and outer strength. I was so hoping that our little Marley would just go to sleep on her own…but then she never gave up.

At 11:30 am on March 12, 2015, Marley passed over to Rainbow Bridge. It is hard when you have to give your beloved pet its last hug…hold a little paw looked into their eyes and help them pass over to the other side of the rainbow bridge.unnamed (4)

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